dj n-Wee - The Slack Album (Jay-Z vs. Pavement)

originally released 4/22/04
cover art by camm
each song uses elements of one song from Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted to make some semblance of a beat behind a vocal performance from the sequentially-matching track by Hov. in other words, stuff from track 1 on S&E is matched with track 1 on tBE, stuff from track 2 is hacked into a beat to go under the Jay-Z vocal from track 2... each release has fourteen songs.

mostly, this album was put together using Reason 2.0 and Vegas (although I now recommend REAPER instead). for notes on what samples were used where and etc., you can read this.

this album was meant to be listened to in order (on a device with gapless playback, which unfortunately the streaming online player doesn't have either).

in case you have not-quite-streaming-album-sized attention spans at the moment, and just want to quickly check things out or scan, my favorite songs are 6, 9, 10, and 13. but of course i think they're all at least interesting if not decent. your opinion may vary.
please be aware that while a few songs are mashups in the more accepted sense of the term, most of the songs are not straight mashups at all. you will have to listen to hear the Pavement in some spots, but if you know the record well, you'll have little issue.

for the moment, you can once again download the entire album in high-quality MP3 here or, for the slightly more hardcore, as a lossless FLAC .bin / .cue CD image here.

you can hear much more music from "dj n-wee's" numerous other alter egos at