Hear the Slack Album sampler (2MB mp3 file) before downloading.

If you like what you hear, you can download the complete album in one of four flavors. Each is in its own self-contained .zip file which should be openable on any platform. Simply download and extract the files. To keep my web-server bandwidth in check, each of these flavors is limited to a certain number of downloads per month. If you click on the link and get a message about key having expired, check back again after the first of the next month, or try another flavor, or try searching on your favorite peer-to-peer network.

Because of this download-limiting system in place, please read carefully and know what you are getting before clicking on the links. I want everyone to be able to get The Slack Album in their flavor of choice when they want it! Also, make sure you right-click on the links and save the .zip file to disk-- do NOT open the zip files directly from the web.

MD5 keys are included for those who know what they are doing and want to verify the integrity of their downloads. If you don't know what you're doing, but still want to verify the integrity of your download, Google for an MD5 tool for your operating system and run it on the file once downloaded; then check the output code against the ones shown here. If it matches, you're golden.

These two flavors come with one long audio file, a cue sheet for perfect burning, and easy instructions for burning a "master quality copy" to CD. You can also copy the "one long file" to your iPod or other MP3 playback device that is not "gapless playback capable" (in other words, it inserts silences between songs); however, you will lose the ability to see the track titles and/or track numbers. These versions are recommended because The Slack Album was meant to be heard in one continuous 36-minute sitting and the transitions between songs require absolutely no gaps; some tracks will end very stupidly if the album is not played absolutely gaplessly. Get these versions if you can, and burn to CD if you can too.

FLAC (lossless, "exactly like the CD") version, 250mb (limited to 40 downloads per month)
md5 sum: 029f6010ca298ca0736b814d82eba549

High-quality MP3 version (LAME 3.97 VBR ~230kbps), 61mb (limited to 150 downloads per month)
md5 sum: d80321d6c92e4fcf41ba0a3bba7a0fbb

These versions come with the individual tracks split into MP3 files and tagged appropriately. I highly recommend that you listen to these files using the Windows playback software foobar2000, which is the only truly gapless MP3 playback software in existence. Again, devices like the iPod introduce gaps between songs and you can expect some songs to transition stupidly. Note, also, that foobar2000 with the foo_burninate.dll plugin on a Nero-equipped machine is the only way to correctly burn an audio CD from these individual files. Nero or other CD burning programs will introduce some noticeable gaps between songs regardless of how you set up your CD playlist. Again, if you want to burn The Slack Album to CD, get one of the "highly recommended" CD image versions above.

High-quality MP3 version (LAME 3.97 VBR ~230kbps), 61mb (limited to 75 downloads per month)
md5 sum: 25a33722de261affd7985c7fdf358fc3

Not-so-high-quality MP3 version (LAME 3.97 VBR ~128kbps), 33mb (limited to 150 downloads per month)
md5 sum: a96f9e4e596012c1a30daeb71444dbd8

Official distributions in the past made directly from the master have included individual-track versions in lossless Monkey's Audio, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and ~192k VBR MP3. You may still be able to find these distributions hanging around other places on the Internets.