I like this, or I hate this. How do I tell you? I NEED TO TELL YOU!!!!
Try the guestbook.

How can I contact you?
Presently, you can't. Use the guestbook.

Are you the guy repeatedly spamming me?
No. That would appear to be either a virus-infected drone or a total asshole residing in Raleigh, North Carolina which/who has decided for whatever reason to send out a bunch of viruses using theslackalbum.com as the spoofed return domain. I do not send email from this domain, and no else one does either, at least legitimately. I also do not sell porn.

How do I burn this to a CD?
Presuming that you are downloading the CD images from this website, follow the instructions in the downloaded file. Admittedly, these instructions are Windows-centric. If you are a Mac user, I can't help much, and I do not take pity on you for paying way too much money for an inferior and barely-supported platform (sorry if the truth hurts!). If you are a Linux user, you are smarter than me and shouldn't be asking this question.

Who are you, dj n-wee?

I am presently a Ph.D. student in music theory and postsecondary teacher of music theory and music technology residing in the hurricane-addled Southeast. At the time I completed The Slack Album, I was an adjunct professor of music at a small school in the non-hurricane-addled Midwest. It was kind of a bitch to complete the thing while also trying to write and grade final exams. I've made music for most of my nearly 30 years, and I hold two degrees in music composition. These are the most lucrative degrees one can have... this side of art history. When I am not trying to pretend to be a serious academic musician, or trying to be taken seriously by impressionable young minds, I make myself giggle by causing my computer to make funny noises.

Will there be another dj n-wee release?
Probably not. For that to happen, there would have to be another hip-hop album of equivalent cultural importance, as well as the ready availability of the mandatory acapellas. I have only used this particular pseudonym for this project and it's a pretty stupid one (something to do with the widespread critical use of the word "ennui" in Pavement reviews of the mid-90s), so I likely wouldn't bother recycling it.

Do you like Pavement?

Yes. But I'm not a fanatic. I did grow up on S&E, though.

Do you like Jay-Z?

Not really. I like a lot of other hip-hop, though.

Do you have other music that I can listen to?
Most of it is not like TSA so I will not bother linking it. I have done a lot of semi-experimental electronic work. I have also occasionally dabbled in hip-hop beat making, and a few things I have done for people have even made it to CDs that sold upwards of 400 copies, but I don't have a good excuse to do this sort of thing very often, since I am terrible at rhyming. At some point lossfoundation.com may again house useful content, which is likely to be original music I've been responsible for at one point or another, which again is nothing like TSA for the most part.

What software did you use to make The Slack Album?
Mostly, Reason 2.0, Recycle 2, Sony Vegas 5, and Sony Sound Forge 6. I also used the wonderful and free Granulab on tracks 6 and 10. Waves C4 and RCL plugins were used to create the album master. For those of you who enjoy hearing about music that was not created on a Mac, the album was realized using an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ with 512MB of RAM and an M-Audio Delta 1010LT card.

Why are there weird gaps at the ends of some songs?

You are likely listening to the individual-MP3 edition in a program other than foobar2000. The Slack Album was intended to be heard start-to-finish and was sequenced that way too. If you use an MP3 player or playback software that introduces ANY gaps between songs, you will think that I screwed up. I didn't. Use foobar. It rules.

Who did the artwork?
My good friend Camm at ctrust.net. Pay him to design stuff. He's good.

Can you help me get the Jay-Z acapellas?