Here, I describe what samples were taken from where and how they were used or manipulated. It bears remembering that The Slack Album is a track-for-track mashup, where each track in the 14-song Pavement album sequence is paired with its "partner" on the 14-song Jay-Z. "Cheats" describe sonic elements not taken/sampled from the Pavement song mentioned, but that were required to finish the track to my semi-reasonable satisfaction. I list them because I feel guilty. If there are none listed, then everything musical in the song in question came from Pavement... except for possibly the drums. In my book, outside drum sounds do not constitute a cheat, because without them there would have been no possibility of making this a semi-hip-hop record. (The tracks utilizing outside drum sounds are 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13.)

1. Interlude (Winter Version)
(Jay-Z "Interlude" + Pavement "Summer Babe (Winter Version)")
Pavement samples: Two extended segments from first guitar solo and end of song

2. Trigger 4th
(Jay-Z "December 4th" + Pavement "Trigger Cut")
Pavement samples: The remix's verses are comprised of fragments taken from various places in the weird little Casiotone-driven "coda" that fades in after the Pavement song proper is finished; Jay's mom is accompanied the second and third times by the first two bars of "Trigger Cut" proper, slowed down/detuned and chopped to fit Jay-Z tempo; "Coming back today" is taken from the second chorus, obviously pureed

3. What More Can I Singe
(Jay-Z "What More Can I Say" + Pavement "No Life Singed Her")
Note: This is a tribute-parody based on the original Black Album beat for "What More Can I Say"
Pavement samples: Malkmus scream from 0:40 into the original track, played as the core melodic sample (SK-1 style); beginning of sloppy atonal breakdown (1:27-1:31) appears as a nasty-sounding loop several times; introduction (0:00-0:07) appears time-stretched at end for no good reason
Cheats: French horn rips, strings

4. In The Mouth, An Encore
(Jay-Z "Encore" + Pavement "In The Mouth, A Desert")
Pavement samples: Verbatim introduction from song, "composite" verse taken from all verses throughout the song in a vain effort to completely remove Malkmus, 1st "oooooOOO" chorus, guitar solo

5. Change Conduits
(Jay-Z "Change Clothes" + Pavement "Conduit For Sale!")
Pavement samples: First two bars of Pavement song, along with the first four bars of first chorus, all looped and detuned to the relative minor of the major "Change Clothes" (the loops are about a quarter-step out of tune due to huge tempo variances in the recorded original-- I dislike the sound of loop "tempo stretching" a la Ableton or ACID); last two bars of "Conduit" finish us off abruptly, pretty straightforward really
Regrets: None. From talking to friends, reading blogs that show up on my referral logs, etc., it seems that this is everyone's least favorite Slack Album song. It is one of my favorites, partially for "subversive" reasons-- I hate the Neptunes, and I think this sounds sort of like the band is trying to do horrible things to Pharrell. This was also the very first Slack Album song that I did, and unlike most of the rest, it took about ten minutes to do. As an artist and a listener alike, I stand by accidental slop when it works (or almost works). If you disagree, sorry.

6. Zurich Your Shoulder
(Jay-Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" + Pavement "Zurich Is Stained")
Pavement samples: Two short chunks taken from first verse (0:04-0:07, 0:12-0:16) and "not my fault" from first chorus (0:29-0:31), all choppety-choppety; last six seconds of the song appear verbatim at the end of the mix just for the hell of it
Cheats: Bass line that appears periodically in the choruses (the noise backing in the third verse is actually Pavement from the aforementioned locations... slow it down to about 5% original speed or so if you don't believe me)

7. Chesley's Little Threat
(Jay-Z "Threat" + Pavement "Chesley's Little Wrists")
Pavement samples: Uh, the whole song from start to finish... now, the Jay-Z vocal track is a very different story, just ask Cedric the Entertainer (note! counting the "n**** stop f***** with me"s is KEY)
Regrets: That Hov fills this song with hilariously unconvincing "threats" like "I'll let [the gat] hum to you / I'll let it sing you a song," thus making it impossible for me to do anything even remotely serious with his rhymes without repeatedly bursting into uncontrollable laughter during mixdown

8. Loretta Clarity
(Jay-Z "Moment of Clarity" + Pavement "Loretta's Scars")
Pavement samples: Quiet guitar intro from Pavement song go chop-chop over and over and everywhere, various I / ii / IV guitar hits taken from all of the song's pre-choruses are used for the remix chorus
Cheats: Bass line
Regrets: Several... specifically, that Malkmus couldn't have left me JUST ONE "From now on I can see the sun" bit to steal from the band without singing over it... actually he sings pretty much straight through this whole thing... and also, that the Jay-Z acapellas "floating around" in early 2004 could have had a cleaner, less-distorted copy of the vocal for this song.

9. 99 Problems Here
(Jay-Z "99 Problems" + Pavement "Here")
Pavement samples: Fragments / hits taken from throughout first verse, 0:00-0:28 (some detuned)

10. Two States' Public Service Announcements
(Jay-Z "Interlude / Public Service Announcement" + Pavement "Two States")
Pavement samples: The opening bit from before the vocal entrance appears verbatim in the remix in two spots; the remix-verse "riff" is taken from literally all over the original Pavement song (thank you Granulab); "forty million dollars / daggers" and the guitar solo are chopped up a bit more linearly for the two remix "choruses," and both are tuned a major 2nd down from the Pavement original; the high-pitched staticky noise at the end of the first "chorus" is the whole Pavement song Granulab'd to death and tuned up extremely high... it needed something kind of nasty and annoying for the buildup into the second verse

11. Perfume-V My Thug
(Jay-Z "Justify My Thug" + Pavement "Perfume-V")
Pavement samples: first two bars of song, single chord / one measure of the the pre-chorus (0:30-0:32), which also appears detuned by P4
Cheats: I'm not sure if this really qualifies, but I tuned Jay's friend's chorus vocals down by a whole step to make them fit tonally (didn't want to retune the Pavement sample, it sounded fine)
Regrets: "Perfume-V" is such a great song... I still wish Malkmus would stop singing every now and again

12. Famed Lucifer
(Jay-Z "Lucifer" + Pavement "Fame Throwa")
Pavement samples: Intro and loop taken from the first "verse" section of the Pavement song are all that are under Jay's rhyme (which is time-compressed to fit Pavement tempo, although so much so that it actually starts to sound higher in pitch too); alternating composite of the "Fame Throwa" chorus vocal and instrumental sections is used as the chorus (put together on the model of Kanye West's beat / vocal sample from the Black Album original, doing a call/response with Jay); the drum fill from before Pavement's second verse appears at remix end (it's Recycle'd to segue into / fit tempo of track 13)

13. Jackals, Allure - The Lonesome Era
(Jay-Z "Allure" + Pavement "Jackals, Lost Grails - The Lonesome Era")
Pavement samples: Snare and tom from drum fill at "Jackals" start (the kick drum is outside-source); instrumental section of the first "verse" go chopchopchop in da remix; "I've got one more life to live / give" (? one can never be sure) is taken from one of its 352 iterations throughout the Pavement song; and finally, random noisy blips <0.5 sec in length were taken from two places in the Pavement track that I can't precisely relocate presently (let me know if you find them)
Regrets: Why the hell is almost every Black Album song clockable at 89.4 bpm (+/-0.5bpm)? There are fourteen producers on this record! What, did somebody at Roc-A-Fella have a focus group before this record was made, determine that the Optimal Nod Tempo was 89.4, and handed out their orders to every single f'n producer? Christ, if Jay'd gone only a little faster on this one, I might have been able to put him over Pavement's fairly decent white-slacker groove in this song (which is more like 102bpm... when they're not rushing or dragging, anyway), and could have done so without making him sound silly.

14. Our First Singer
(Jay-Z "My First Song" + Pavement "Our Singer")
Pavement samples: lengthy verbatim samples from throughout the original song (some minor surgery required to remove Malkmus from the choruses)... that's about it
Notes: There are some interesting coincidences: These two songs are the only songs on their respective albums in true-blue 6/8 time. When he attempts to sing, Jay is mostly more in tune / tonally reasonable with the Pavement chorus backing than he is with the original beat. I didn't change the tuning on either the vocal or the backing. Then check his actual flow over the Pavement choruses... I did nothing but just plant the chorus there, and bam. No, this is a fated, serendipitous union, right down to the remarkably similar song titles. I only brought them together, and will claim absolutely no credit for the will of the Cosmos. I was merely a vessel. Yes. Now I know the spiritual wisdom of the mash-up artist. Or something.
Regrets: Well, again... if only the acapella could have been cleaner sonically.